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 For as little as 199.00 you too can start your own Ruby Ribbon business as an Independent stylist! 

Just a few FAQs to get started

1. Q:What can i earn being an independent stylist?
   A: The earning potential is limitless with Ruby Ribbon you set your own goals and make what you want to make

2. Q:How many hours do I have to work on Ruby Ribbon?

   A: The beauty of Ruby Ribbon is that you set your own schedule work days and hours you want to work and take off the days and hours you want to take off!

3. Q:Do I have to recruit and build a big team?

    A: Not at all however with building a team comes a higher paycheck, you will get a raise with each recruit you bring to Ruby Ribbon up to three generations down

4. Q: Will I have support and help starting my business?

   A: Absolutely, the home office is always available to help in any way they can, I will be there every step of the way helping with training and getting your business started successfully

I will encourage you to go to the Ruby Ribbon website by clicking here to do some research 
If you think you are interested please contact me today to get the conversation started about being a Ruby Ribbon stylist!

I am looking for her you may know her, she may even be you
  • Goal oriented
  • Desiring a fun way to earn extra income
  • Fashion forward
  • Exciting and fun to be around
if you know her please give her my contact information or give me her contact information!

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